High Insulation Mitten for Glove Liners
High Insulation Mitten for Glove Liners
High Insulation Mitten for Glove Liners

High Insulation Mitten for Glove Liners

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High Insulation Mitten

MOTIONHeat High Insulation Mittens were designed in Calgary, Canada. They were designed to provide a comfortable outer glove for those who are using our gloves. The Canadian winter though harsh, can provide many opportunities for creating memories with loved ones. And, our mittens are here to ensure you can go outside and enjoy those moments. With their adaptable design the mittens are able to open so your fingers and thumb become usable. Allowing you to do fine tasks, use tablets and phones, and grab objects without having to remove the mitten.

Our heated glove liners have proven useful in battling the cold of the Canadian winters throughout various environments, and also provides soft comforting warmth to those with poor circulation in their hands. And now with our High Insulation Mitten you can enjoy the benefits of a heated liner, while keeping the elements away! 



  • Fall or winter walks / hiking
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing, Hunting, and Ice fishing 


  • Electricians, mechanics, and plumbers
  • Postal and delivery services
  • Desk work and Office Work
  • Drive way Shoveling 


    Thick, High Quality Insulation: The Mittens High Quality insulation traps heat inside. Making them able to compete with some of the best Mittens in the market, and ensuring you feel the full power of our heated glove liners when you combine them with the mittens. 

    Both a Mitten, and a Glove: Our Mittens are designed with the option to open up the finger and thumb areas. Allowing you access to your fingers when you need to do fine work, grab something, or use a tablet. Giving our mitten an advantage in not only comfort but also versatility. 

    Multiple Sizes: Like our Glove liners, the MOTIONheat mittens have 5 different sizes. Meaning finding the perfect fit for your hand is easier. 


    • Goatskin leather palm
    • Primloft insulation
    • Hipora breathable waterproof membrane
    • Waterproof fabric
    • Waterproof zipper (one hand pull zipper)
    • non-stick Velcro
    • Un-zip the mitten to use your fingers and thumb!
    • Easy access to the battery even when wearing the battery in the glove liners cuff
    • High Insulation that keeps the heat inside
    • Comes in multiple sizes! 

    A mitten made to combo with our heated glove liners, it is made with a dense insolation that keeps the heat from our glove liners inside. When creating it we took the time to ensure it partnered perfectly with our gloves.