#50684 12V 3.2Ah Battery
#50684 12V 3.2Ah Battery

#50684 12V 3.2Ah Battery

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12V Lithium Battery

Samsung provides battery cells with the best capacity and performance and the best quality and performance battery packs whose design and production have been thoroughly validated.

  • Battery Weight: 150.0g  (aprox)
  • Battery Dimension: Height : 73.40mm, Widith : 60.00mm Deep : 24.00mm

The Low setting is closest to normal body heat at 30°C and will give you a run time of 8 hrs.
The Medium setting at 40°C is what most people would find warm and gives a run time of 5 hrs.
The High setting comes in at a toasty 50°C that feels like your hands are next to a campfire and will run for 3 hrs